What does wore a poker face mean

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What do you think?it’s a plastic surgery made on face by poker players.because while player losing the game,his face turns red or chage color.so another players notice his bad hand…Means that you dont have any expression on your face so that the rest of the players dont know what hand you have… Poker Face Meaning | What do you think about this… A poker face just in case you were wondering, is the almost emotionless expression that you ideally need to keep on your face when you are playing poker. Otherwise, like I mentioned, other players will be able to utilize your emotions as well as your thoughts against you as you will be displaying them on... Poker face, meanings + अनुवाद So wear your poker face, hands to the fool, hands to the thief, and you can't see. Elle Varner - I Don't Care. I'm gonna lose this game I've got no poker face I'm not designed for this, thisI heard about you through my friend and I can’t make a poker face, what do I do? Where did the guy, who said he. POKER FACE meaning in English, значение слова. English…

POKER FACE meaning in English, значение слова. English…

Countenance comes from a French word for "behavior," but it has become a fancy term for either the expression of a face or the face itself: "He had a puzzled countenance," or "what a charming countenance!"Countenance can also be a verb meaning to tolerate or approve. If someone does something offensive, tell them, "I'm afraid I can't countenance that What should I wear to a Lady Gaga concert? | Yahoo Answers

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What is poker face? What poke face means ... What Does Poker Face Mean? Home » Phrase and Idiom Dictionary » What Does Poker Face Mean? Poker Face Meaning. Definition: An expressionless face that does not reveal a person’s ... What does 'Poker face' mean? - Idiom Definition - UsingEnglish.com What does the idiom 'Poker face' mean? Discover the definition of 'Poker face' in our extensive dictionary of English idioms and idiomatic expressions. The hidden truth: What does it mean to have a "poker face"?

Song MeaningLady Gaga interpreted "Poker Face" at the 20th Annual White party."Poker face is the one she puts on while she's with a man but really fantasizing about a woman". As according to Perez Hilton. I found this interesting because I wondered what the meaning really was and I never could come up with one definite answer.

What does poker face mean?It involves having a blank expression on the face, rid of any emotion. Players wear a poker face to maintain their composure so their hand won't be revealed to their opponents and consequently gain an advantage over them. Poker face definition and meaning | Collins English… Poker face definition: A poker face is an expression on your face that shows none of your feelings . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.Used Rarely. poker face is in the lower 50% of commonly used words in the Collins dictionary. What does poker face mean in texting | TOP Games… What does poker mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation (Free English Language Dictionary).A face on a person that shows no emotion, often called poker face because in the game of poker it would be foolish to show any emotional traits that might screw the game for you. How to Have a Good Poker Face: 13 Steps (with Pictures) -…